Thursday, January 11, 2007

Jimmy Kimmel Show 11.22.06 Jay-Z Give it to me

Jay-Z concert in Second Life and Jaffe Juice

I've been a fan of Jaffe Juice for quite some time and I still laugh out loud for some reason when I read this post about the Jay-Z concert in Second Life and Jaffe talking about the experience saying "Highlights for me was my being bounced for running up to (but not going ON) the stage and doing my lame dance." I can just imagine this. Check out his site...pretty cool stuff.

George Cloutier and Tiffany Spadafora

George and Tiffany, my obsession of the day.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig

This does not look like Nicole Kidman at all. In fact, at first glance I thought it was Kim Basinger.

Agnes B. is just freaky skinny

So the skinny model in my previous post is Agnes B. It looks like she lost weight since the 2006 shows.

Skinny models

I came across this disgusting photo on Elle's site today. The piece is talking about changes you can make and this is Change #7: Get big hair without the frizz. Check out the neck and back bones sticking out on this model! Now that is skinny!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Courtney Thorne-Smith

CTS got married. Enough about that. I saw her at Planet Hollywood in Hawaii several years ago and got her autograph. I told her she looked so much smaller in person (she was in an anorexic competition with Ally McBeal). She wasn't happy with me. I asked her to write a note to my friend Dwight, but she just signed her name to a napkin. I don't think I ever sent that napkin to Dwight. Hmm, he could have sold it for a pretty penny on ebay. Oh well.

I saw David Hasselhoff at Bubby's

Last summer --or something like that-- I was eating outside, enjoying a late lunch at Bubby's in Tribeca. Then I heard this obnoxious yelling, screaming and laughing so I turned around to see what was going on. To my delight, it was David Hasselhoff, his wife and two daughters. They were freaking out about a pigeon or bird or whatever on the table. The first thing I noticed was the amount of cosmetic work that David and his wife had (it wasn’t pretty), and then how normal the two girls were (not anorexic). Are you paying attention?! Anyway, after their meal, David got up, walked across the street and waited for someone to notice him. It was so sad. The rest of the family walked a half block behind him. Finally a delivery guy must have noticed him because David became very animated and shook the guy's hand. Sad.

Pic from

Tory Burch

Tory Burch is boring for Spring 2007.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Shih-Tzu's on

We found Teddy five years ago on I wish we could rescue another Shih-Tzu but Teddy gets super jealous of other dogs.

On sale...

This um, jumpsuit was originally $206 is now $62 for good reason.

Nick Lachey Pimp'n in Detroit

From People:

"Nick Lachey works the runway in Dolce & Gabbana at the GM Style event in Detroit on Saturday. And his biggest fan – girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo – watched him strut his stuff from the front row."

How much do you think they are paying him?

Rosanna Zimbaro and John S. Castle, and Marianne Castle

More Marianne hair pics that I found from newyorksocialidary archive.


Need I say a word? Pics from

Barneys shut up and shop campaign

I like Barneys but I really do not like their "shut up and shop" campaign. I don't think it's nice to tell anyone to shut up. When I was growing up, my mom would never let us use swear words or say shut up. If she did hear us swear, she put soap in our mouths. This only happened to me once. So show some respect Baryneys...or my mom will be after you with that soap.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Fendi on Fifth Avenue

I got these gorgeous shoes from Fendi this week. The black platforms were not on sale but I couldn't resist. If you happen to pop into Fendi, ask for John. He has a great sense of style and a fun attitude.

Diet Pepsi

I like my Diet Pepsi cold...but forgot to set the timer.

Friday, January 05, 2007


2005 picture of “My parents enable me to live the lifestyle that I do. I don’t think that there is anything wrong with that,” Melissa Berkelhammer

Now I'm obsessed with John and Marianne Castle

Actually, I'm mostly obsessed with Marianne's hairdo.

I've seen Marianne on several times. Marianne is married to John K. Castle who is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Castle Harlan, Inc., a private equity firm in New York. He is also Chairman of Castle Connolly Medical Ltd., publisher of America’s Top Doctors and other references which help the public identify the best health care resources. Previously he had been President and CEO of Donaldson, Lufkin and Jenrette.

His son (who recently got married in Palm Beach-more on that later) is a senior vice president in charge of mergers and acquisitions of Branford Chain Inc. and a principal owner of Carmel Limousine Service in New York City.

Oh, and more importantly (insert sarcasm) a direct linear descendant of the Rev. James Pierpont, a 1681 graduate of Harvard who was the moving founder of Yale University in 1701.

I about the hair. Marianne, why not let it loose for 2007? I mean, really mess it up. Put it under some water and don't touch the hair spray, you get the drift? I would recommend giving a call to Sally Hershberger...STAT!

New Year's Eve pictures

A few pictures from New Year's Eve for that special someone who doesn't recognize her own flesh and blood anymore...D. there must be something in the water in them there parts ; )

deLillo necklace

I found a stunning necklace by deLillo today. Robert F. Clark, a designer for Miriam Haskell, and William de Lillo formed a short lived company, creating special collections and custom work; Harrice Simons Miller, in the book, Price Guide to Costume Jewelry, indicates that deLillo is one of the most highly collected jewelry designers of the 1960s.

The Collection of Cher

When I was little I had a Cher doll. She was sooo much cooler than Barbie (but I still loved Barbie). Cher's clothes and shoes were so chic and you could put a key in her back and make her hair grow. Anyway, I came across the Sotheby's with Julien's Collection of Cher catalogue online. This is the most inspirational catalogue in a long time. I swear, my pulse was beating a mile a minute. The clothes are so fantastic. If you had a Cher doll, you'll recognize THE DRESS on page 22. Enjoy!

Fendi and Moncler

I'm not a huge fan of Fendi bags but this Moncler Spy Bag is to die for! "Fendi's international best seller in collaberation with Moncler. Limited Edition. Quilted nylon filled with down. Exclusive to Barneys New York."

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Sharon Stone, I agree

This is what eonline's Fashion Police wrote about Sharon's outfit: "Bless Sharon Stone for trying to stay one step ahead of the pack. We love the blue turtleneck and black ruffle dress by Rachel Roy she's wearing to the Alpha Dog premiere. And while we're not sure we love the trendy outfit on Sharon, we're pleased to see that the 48-year-old refuses to fade gracefully into the background."

Speaking of Pamela Anderson

You must look at the WireImage's compilation of Pammy's "growth" from 1989 to date. WOW!

Pamela Anderson and Scott Baio

Speaking of Nicolette Sheridan, did you know that she used to date Scott Baio? Yes, the same Charles in Charge/Cha chi guy. Even better, Scott was engaged to Pammy Anderson twice!

Paige aka Nicollette Sheridan

What is so different about her today? Something...I just can't figure it out.

Ugly Tevrow + Chase on sale at Saks

Don't even think of buying these horrid Plaid Cropped Pants that are on sale at No wonder they are on sale...even the model looks wretched in them.